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Jessica G.

Get ready to read a thorough review, because I have quite a bit to share with you about Elements! Now, we all obviously realize that massage therapists don't perform medical evaluations and procedures such as orthopedic doctors or chiropractors, but they still hold clients' physiological well-being in their hands every day.

At age 35, having chronic back pain from a combination of wedged disks, scoliosis, sciatica pain, and multiple pinched nerves, I've become quite familiar with said professionals. Through trial and error, along with medical professionals' recommendations,  I've found that massage is critical for my back pain management besides its many subtle and minor benefits like simple pleasure and relaxation.

Massage therapy always has at least that much to offer to patients. However, a well-trained massage therapist who can relieve pain is golden. Unfortunately, such massage therapists are quite rare.

I have had massages at Oasis Day Spa in Bedminster, at a lovely yet very pricy spa in Westfield, of which the name currently escapes me, at a horrifyingly terrible Japanese shiatsu place on route 28 in Bridgewater, and at a chiropractor's office in Somerville.

When Elements opened right here in Warren, I was prepared to not give my hopes up for finding a studio that was both affordable and had high quality staff. When I saw the offer for a very reduced rate for first time clients, I thought I'd give it a shot. For my first session, I had a good experience. She recommended to me that I "try out" a few therapists at Elements just to see if someone really clicked, even though I was satisfied with our session. I tried a different therapist each time, and although they are clearly all very well-trained, it wasn't until I saw Sean that I understood exactly what she meant.

Sean is my perfect massage match, for lack of a better term. Compassionate therapists who are in-tune with their clients' needs like Sean is, are drawn to the work and usually think of it as a bit of a calling -- perhaps this affects the sensory quality of the experience even more so than his impeccable technical training. Sean specializes in deep tissue massage and his hand strength and ability to apply the perfect pressure are nothing short of unparalleled.

The day after my first appointment with him, I was nearly pain free for the first time in years. I'm still not entirely convinced that he doesn't use a magic wand when I'm face down looking through the face pillow. As a single mother of a child with special needs, I struggle financially.

Elements has a wellness program with reduced rates that works out fabulously. They auto-charge only one massage per month, and after that, your subsequent massages are further reduced in price! On top of that offer, each month there is a various "special" emailed exclusively to wellness members. If that's not enough for you, you can add one additional person to your membership and split the cost with them. It's a win-win. Elements is in the business of helping people by promoting physical and mental health without breaking you financially. The studio is clean, comfortable, has friendly staff, great hours, a perfect location, and most importantly, they have Sean!


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