Did You Know?...

…You may use your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to pay for therapeutic massage care services?


Therapeutic massage is accepted as a legitimate medical service by many health insurance plans. FSA and HSA credit or debit cards are now available through many health plans for your health-related massage therapy.

While most FSA and HSA credit or debit cards are typically accepted without question, we recommend the following steps to ensure coverage is accepted.

  1. Ask your healthcare practitioner to write a prescription* that provides the following information:
    • Reason for medical necessity (example: ‘back pain’)
    • The number of treatments OR recommended frequency and duration (example: ‘minimum two sessions per month for 12 months’)
    • The modality (Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy, etc.)
    • The diagnosis code
  2. Request a receipt from our front desk staff for your therapeutic massage care services. We provide a customized receipt that will assist with FSA/HSA acceptance if questioned by your insurance.

*Download our Doctor Prescription Form here.

In order for an insurance company to pay a massage therapist, the patient needs to have a prescription from their doctor.

Elements Massage in Warren does not accept insurance cards, bill insurance companies directly or process insurance claims. We will provide our clients with insurance medical receipts that will help with filing your insurance claim.

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