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Monday - Saturday
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Meet Our Warr Acres Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Warr Acres, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Melissa  |  Massage Therapist

Melissa completed 1300hours in Massage Therapy at Integrated Massage Therapy College with honors. Melissa has lived in Utah, Oregon, Missiour, Virginia and France to name a few.  Before she became a massage therapist she was a secretary.  Her dream vacation includes a beach. 


Her philosophy on healing includes compassion, empathy and skill combined is the best strategy.

*Licensed by City of Warr Acres

Oubon  |  Massage Therapist

Oubon completed her studies in Massage Therapy at Heritage College. Her education also includes a Bachelors in Musical Theater.  She has lived in Long Island, Orlando and Oklahoma City.  Her dream vacation is to attend Disney World in Orlando. 

When she works with a client it is important to her to treat them as a whole mind, body and spirit.


Licensed By Warr Acres

Shawnee  |  Massage Therapist

Shawnee completed studies in massage therapy at Integrated Massage Therapy College. She has lived in Washington, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Her dream vacation is to go to Tahiti.  Her philosophy on healing is that you need to heal from the inside to the out, through your energy being aligned. Before she became a massage therapists she was a single mom and taught horseback riding lessons from time to time.


Joann  |  Massage Therapist

Joann completed her studies of massage therapy at the American Academy of Healing Arts in 2002.  In 2014 she attended some advance classes at Integrated Massage Therapy College.  Joann is from Texas and dreams of a vacation in Europe.  Her philosophy on healing is to focus on the needs that is before her at the time and to provide the best possible out come for the client.

Trisha  |  Massage Therapist

Tricia completed her studies in massage therapy at Integrated Massage Therapy College. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry. She has lived in Oklahoma City and Edmond.  She was a bank teller supervisor before she joined the field of massage therapy.  Her philosophy on healing is that our bodies are amazing and have great potential to heal themselves if we will give them the time, patience, awareness, nourishment, rest and exercise they crave.

Elaine  |  Massage Therapist

Elaine completed her studies at Integrated Massage Therapy College.  We at Elements Warr Acres are very excited for her to join our team. Elaine has lived in Washington and Oklahoma.  She has traveled to Mexico, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, German to name a few. Her dream vacation is to go on a full country adventure in Japan to experience food, culture and traditional/modern living.  She believes that healing comes from an alignment of the spirit, the mind, and the body. 


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