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Meet Our Smithtown Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Smithtown, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

adrienne | licensed massage therapist

Studio Hours: Saturday 3pm - 8pm and Sunday 3pm - 8pm

Philosophy on Healing: The body functions as a unit. Pain is an indication of imbalance. We treat the body through proper rest, mindfulness, nutrition and balance. A massage therapist guides...

amy | licensed massage therapist

Amy's Studio Hours: Mon 9am - 130pm, Tues 9am - 130pm and Wed 9am - 130pm

Amy's Philosophy on Healing:  Massage is not just an external therapy, it is also an internal therapy. Physically, massage can help relax and tone muscles. Mentally massage...

catherine | licensed massage therapist

Studio Hours:  Monday 9am - 3pm, Tuesday 9am - 3pm, Wednesday 12pm - 5pm, Saturday 3pm - 8pm and Sunday 9am - 3pm

Philosophy on Healing:  It is important to be open to any and all avenues of healing. Healing is a process that comes from within, and...

clare | licensed massage therapist

Clare's Studio Hours:  Weds 3pm - 9pm and Thurs 9am - 3pm

Clare's Philosophy on Healing:  The connection between the mind, body, heart and spirit to create healing and true wellness.

Education:  New York College of Health Professions


donna | licensed massage therapist

Donna's Studio Hours: Mon 9am - 3pm, Tues 9am - 3pm, Wed 3pm - 9pm, Fri 3-8, and Sat 9am - 3pm 

Donna's Philosophy on Healing: Be Pro-Active! Take care of your body and it will take care of you. 

Education:  NY College of Holistic Medicine and...

frank | licensed massage therapist

Frank's Studio Hours: Alt Sun 3pm - 8pm

Frank's Philosophy on Healing:  The human body is sacred and intelligent and under the proper conditions can and will heal itself.  It is the therapist's sacred role to honor that innate healing potential...

jackie | licensed massage therapist

Jackie's Studio Hours: Tues 3pm - 9pm, Weds 9am - 3pm, Alt Sat & Sun 9am - 3pm

Jackie's Philosophy on Healing is: I believe healing begins with the important sense of self worth and well being. You cannot truly heal mentally or physically unless...

jen | licensed massage therapist

Studio Hours: Thursday 9am - 3pm, Alternating Saturdays 9am - 3pm and Sundays 3pm - 8pm 

Jenn's Philosophy on healing: The Word "Healing" to me means to ease suffering, whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I believe that massage...

jonathan | licensed massage therapist

Jonathan' Studio Hours:  Fridays 3pm - 8pm, Saturdays 9am - 3pm

Jonathan's Philosophy on Healing:  is a gradual process. It takes time and courage to want to embrace the healing process. Eventually each of us come to understand ourselves and take...

katie | licensed massage therapy

Studio Hours: Tues 5pm - 9pm, Thursday 5pm - 9pm, Alternating Saturdays 9am - 3pm

Philosophy on Healing: Through consistent massage the body has the ability to heal itself from ailments due to injury or stress from everyday activities. We can work...

keith | licensed massage therapist

Studio Hours: Sat 3pm - 8pm and Sun 9am - 3pm

Keith's Philosophy on Healing: Many health issues and conditions are caused by stress. I believe that by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, we can bring the mind and the body into a state...

kristen | licensed massage therapist

Kristen's Studio Hours: Fri 9am - 3pm and Sun 3pm - 8pm

Kristen's Philosophy on Healing:  The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself.  I believe that part of the healing process is to relax and relieve the...

larissa | licensed massage therapist

Larissa's Studio Hours: Mon 3pm - 9pm and Thurs 3pm - 9pm

Larissa's Philosophy on Healing is: To relax the mind and body simultaneously is what a person needs to heal overall stress.

Education: She graduated from the New York College of Health...

laura | licensed massage therapist

Laura's Studio Hours: Wed 3pm - 9pm, Thurs 3pm - 9pm and Sun 3pm - 8pm

Laura's Philosophy on Healing:  The body can help heal itself by eating healthy, exercising and having a positive outlook on life. Massage can help in healing by reducing stress...

matt | licensed massage therapist

Matt's Studio Hours: Mon 3pm - 9pm, Weds 3pm - 9pm, Thurs 9am - 3pm, Fri 9am - 3pm, and Sun 3pm - 8pm

Matt's Philosophy on Healing:  I feel that from time to time we need to heal out bodies. Although the human body is an amazing organism capable of...

melissa | licensed massage therapist

Melissa's Studio Hours: Mon 3pm - 9pm, Thurs 3pm - 9pm, Fri 3pm - 8pm, and Sun 3pm - 8pm

Melissa's Philosophy on Healing:  The human body is an amazing machine. We all possess the innate capacity to heal ourselves from within. I believe that...

shareeda | licensed massage therapist

Shareeda's Studio Hours: Thurs 9am - 3pm, Fri 9am - 3pm, alt. Sat 9am - 3pm

Shareeda's Philosophy on Healing:  I believe that healing through physical touch is one of the most important things in life.  I'm a believer in that healing can be...

sheri | licensed masssage therapist

Studio Hours: Sunday 9am - 3pm

Sheri's Philosophy on Healing: My approach to wellness comes from a belief that healing starts from within. Massage therapy can offer many benefits physically while also helping your mind and body to achieve inner...

tim | licensed massage therapist

Tim's Studio Hours: Tues 3pm - 9pm, Wed 9am - 3pm, Thurs 3pm - 9pm and Alt Sat 11am - 3pm

Tim's Philosophy on Healing:  Eating healthy, regular exercise and enjoying life are key to healing. Each person has their own healing potential inside each...

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