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Licensed by Texas Department of State Health Services ME#2642

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Meet Our San Antonio Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage San Antonio, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Krissy  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Krissy started her massage therapy education in high school and continued at the Academy for Massage. She has lived in San Antonio all her life, but has traveled to Louisianna and Las Vegas. She dreams of vacationing where her husband was born in Hawaii. Her favorite massage modalities are prenatal and deep tissue. Her philosophy on healing is: "The power of touch no one could/should live without it."

John  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

John recieved his massage therapy education at Theraputic Body Concepts. He has lived in Georgia, California, and San Antonio. His dream vacation is Hawaii. Before he became a massage therapist he was assisting senior citizens at a nursing home. John's favorite massage modality is hot stones. His philosophy on healing is: "Intent is gold."

Kristen  |  License Massage Therapist

Kristen attended Theraputic Body Concepts for her massage therapy education. She is from San Antonio, and says she is blessed to come from a large family who all live here. Her favorite massage modality is deep tissue. Kristen's philosophy on healing is: " I utilize my knowledge of kinesiology to remind the muscles of how they should be with ease."

Rose  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Rose received her massage therapy education from Academy for Massage. She has lived in Texas, Wisconsin, and California and her dream vacation would be to Cancun. Her favorite massage modalities include deep tissue and trigger point. Rose's philosophy on healing is: "Power of the mind to heal using good intentions, positive energy and knowledge of anatomy."

Ellen  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Ellen received her massage therapy education from St. Phillips College. She has lived in San Antonio most of her life, but she has traveled to many US states as well as provinces in Canada and Mexico. Her dream vacation would be to tour Spain and to try all of the delicious food. Ellen's favorite massage modalities include Swedish and Deep Tissue. Her philosophy on healing is "I believe that regular consistent therapy is the key to a healthy life and a positive healing experience."

Ester  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Ester received her massage therapy education from The College of Health Care Professions. She loves working on the neck and shoulders and is great with stress relief and relaxation massages.

Kim  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Kim received her massage therapy education at Therapeutic Body Concepts. She has over 7 years experience as a Massage Therapist and specializes in Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage. Kim is an exceptional therapist who goes above and beyond ensuring every client she sees leaves satisfied. Kim is also a great therapist choice for someone seeking a prenatal massage. Please call at least weeks in advance to reserve your spot with Kim. There is also a $25.00 no call no show fee for Kim

Dana  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Dana received her massage therapy education from River City School of Massage. She focuses on Deep Tissue Therapeutic Work. Dana is a great therapist choice for an athlete looking to prepare for their next big game or for a runner looking for some relief after that big race. 

Bianca  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Bianca received massage therapy training at Therapeutic Body Concepts in San Antonio, Texas. She has lived in Seattle, Washington and has traveled to several states including Idaho, Oregon, California, Florida and the Bahamas. Her dream vacation would be to camp in a really beautiful place or to travel to Greece. Bianca's philosophy on healing... "Healing is amazing. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing along with all different ways to heal never cease to amaze me."

Kathryn  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Kathryn has been a therapist for 10 years. She received her training at the Academy for Massage Therapy Training. "I really enjoy seeing results using any massage technique. I have a lot of experience with sports massage. For the last 3 years I have been lucky to have been invited by a team to massage at the MS150 and Cure de tour bike rides." Said Kathryn.


Kathryn's favorite quote is "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage" ~ Lao Tzu



James  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

With a natural gift for healing, James is a great addition to the Elements Massage team. He specializes in Swedish relaxation massage and uses Deep Tissue techniques to relieve stress and pain in the body. James is also certified in Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage 

$49 Introductory Massage at Elements