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Meet Our Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Geneva, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Amy | Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy received her massage therapy education in New York, an intense program that had her learning 2 years of information in 6 months. She was involved in AmeriCorps and continues to love to travel...maybe a little road trip crazy! Her dream is to someday visit Italy to see family she has never met.

Her absolute favorite modality of massage is deep tissue and also to give and receive Swedish. Amy feels like nothing can compare to a good, relaxing massage. 

Amy's Philosophy on Healing: She strongly believes that a person can find healing in anything that makes them happy in life. Healing is surrounding yourself with positivity and happiness! For her, music is healing.

Massage Therapy has been a part of her life since she was 3 or 4 years old. She would massage her grandmother's shoulders as a way of saying "hello". She is passionate about helping other people, and massage therapy is her new way of continuing that passion.


Bri | Licensed Massage Therapist

Bri completed massage school at Kishwaukee College and also has a B.S. in Health Sciences from Northern Illinois University.

Bri grew up in DeKalb, Illinois and now lives in Sycamore with her husband. She has been to 23 of the 50 states, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos. Her dream vacation is to fall in love with anywhere with sand, sun, and sea.

Bri's favorite massage to give and receive is an artistic, calming, Swedish massage with compressions and stretching.

Bri's philosophy of healing is "the human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. Treat your body with love, water, healthy foods, exercise, sleep, and massage."

Before she found massage therapy, Bri was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She was a full time college student, working as a janitor at the school, and sleeping 4 hours a night. Massage therapy has introduced peace and serenity to her personal, academic, and professional life.

Brittani | Licensed Massage Therapist

Brittani has both an Associates in Science and her Massage Therapy License from William Rainey Harper College. She has lived near Hanover Park IL for most of her life and recently relocated with her husband. She has been to Mexico and Jamaica many times, and has been to the Dominican Republic too. Her dream vacation is sitting on a beach enjoying the sun.

Brittani's favorite massage modalities are Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi.

Brittani's philosophy on healing is that its always better to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

In her other life, before she found massage therapy, she was working at a craft store while going to school for forensic science.

Caity | Licensed Massage Therapist

Caity attended Arizona State University, Aurora University, and Cortiva Institute.

She has lived in Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Ontario, Canada, and Santa Cruz, Boliva. She has traveled to England, France, Italy, Monaco, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. Her dream vacation is to backpack around the world for a year.

Caity's favorite massage modalities are myofascial, deep tissue, trigger point, and hydrotherapy.

Her philosophy of healing is that your own healing is a powerful contribution to the healing of everyone.

Before Caity found Massage Therapy she was a vet assistant and worked in insurance.


Carl | Licensed Massage Therapist

Carl, previously a Registered Nurse, went to school for Massage Therapy in Lombard IL in 1996. He has lived in PA, CO, OR, and the Geneva Illinois area.

Carl has visited nearly all of the US national parks. He had been to 49 states by 11th grade! He has also visited Mexico and Canada. His dream vacation is visiting the one state he hasn't been to, Hawaii.

Carl enjoys doing chair massage, he feels it brings massage to people who may have never been willing to try it before.

Carl's philosophy on healing is that healing is the natural function of the body, that happens when one is relaxed. Decreasing stress through relaxation and healthy lifestyle choices allows the body to heal.


Carolyn | Licensed Massage Therapist

Carolyn went to Elgin Community College where she received her certification in massage therapy.

She has lived in one state her entire life, The Land of Lincoln, Illinois! She has traveled out of country: to Canada, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Mexico. As far as the U.S. she has a desire to visit all 50 states. In fact, her goal is to run a marathon in each!

Carolyn's favorite massage modalities are Swedish, Trigger Point and Hot Stone.

Her philosophy of healing is to assist someone to achieve better health.

Before she found massage therapy she was a computer programmer and software engineer.

Erika | Licensed Massage Therapist

Erika acquired all of the prerequisites for the nursing program. Graduated from Northwestern College with a certificate for Massage Therapy.

She has lived in North San Diego County, CA, Phoenix, AR, and Chicago Suburbs. She has traveled throughout the U.S. but has not yet traveled outside of the U.S. except to Toronto, Canada. Her dream vacation is to travel to Europe, but mostly to Greece.

Erika's favorite massage modalities are deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

Her philosophy on healing is: "I believe that through healthy lifestyle habits optimal health can be achieved. I believe the benefits of massage and natural remedies are best for good health and longevity."

Before she found massage therapy, Erika was going to nursing school and working as a CNA.

Fara | Licensed Massage Therapist

Fara attended the Therapeutic Massage Therapy Program of Kishwaukee College.

She has lived in Illinois for most of here life, but did live in Italy for a short time.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist Fara was a dance teacher, choreographer, and performer.

She has traveled to Italy and Spain and would love to take a vacation to Fiji.

Her favorite massage modality is deep tissue.

Fara's Philosophy on Healing: It takes time and patience just like most things in life.

Jane | Licensed Massage Therapist

Jane attended Cortiva School of Massage Therapy. She has lived in many of the states including Hawaii! She has traveled quite a bit as well. Her dream vacation in Bora Bora or Australia. Prior to becoming a massage therapist Jane was an engineer and worked in the automotive industry for many years. She then decided to follow her passion for helping people and attended massage school. Her favorite massage modalities are Swedish, Thai, and Deep Tissue.

Jane's Philosophy on healing: Law of Attraction- stay positive, chiropractic, acupuncture; there are many modalities we can use to heal ourselves that don't include pharmaceuticals or synthetic treatments. Positive attitude is the best thing we can do.

Jill | Licensed Massage Therapist

Jill attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Elgin Community College.

She has lived in Geneva, Carbondale, Freeport, and Elgin, Illinois, and in Michigan City, Indiana. She has traveled to Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana. Jill dreams of traveling somewhere warm and sunny that has a nice breeze, lots of fresh air and time to relax! Until then she dedicates her time to giving amazing massages at Elements.

Jill's favorite massage modalities are to give a good, medium pressure massage, but really loves giving her time to helping people heal.

Jill's philosophy on healing: A good attitude, plenty of sleep, a good diet, friends, laughter and massage therapy!

Before she found massage therapy she was a customer service representative, bookkeeping, multi-tasker, "whatever needs to get done" person.

Laura | Licensed Massage Therapist

Laura attended Everest College for massage. She says she had the most amazing instructor ever!

Laura has traveled the US and has even traveled to many places overseas as well! She has visited Croatia, Uruguay, Ireland, and England- with her entire family!

Therapeutic massage is Laura's favorite. Slower paced and paired with good rhythm.

Laura says "Massage is good for the mind, body, and soul. Just a safe human touch can do so much for another."

Maggie Mof | Licensed Massage Therapist

Maggie received her massage therapy license at Universal Spa Training Academy.

She has traveled quite a bit. One of her favorite places is Belgium!

Maggie loves to give a relaxing Swedish Massage.

Maggies Philosophy on Massage: The benefits of massage are unlimited, it helps calm the mind and heal the body.


Mary | Licensed Massage Therapist

Mary has lived all over the United States including Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana and now she calls Illinois home. Her favorite place to visit is the Outer Banks in North Carolina. She hopes to travel to travel to Maui someday and spend some time on the beach relaxing herself!

Mary likes to combine Swedish and therapeutic massage, this way she can provide a pampering and healing experience. She also loves working on new moms and moms to be especially because she is one!

She is a firm believer in the healing qualities of touch and bodywork. Her philosophy on healing as well as life, is that everything begins with the mind.

Nicole | Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole attended the massage therapy program and graduated from Costa Rica School for Massage Therapy. She graduated with her degree in Nursing from Aurora University. She has lived in Illinois her whole life, but has traveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta. She loves to travel and wants to go to Thailand. Her dream vacation would be to travel to Italy to see the architecture and culture.

Nicole's favorite modalities are Pre-Natal and Thai Massage. She loves to customize and include different modalities for each individual.

Nicole's philosophy on healing: Each individual heals their own mind, body, and soul with the help of relaxation and positive lifestyle.

In her other work life, Nicole is a nurse and truly enjoys helping others.

Sarah | Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah has a B.A. in French Language & Literature prior to massage school at Port Townsend School of Massage in Port Townsend, WA.

Sarah has lived in the upper Midwest & Pacific Northwest. She has traveled to too many places to list, but the farthest away has been Tahiti via sailboat. Her dream vacation would be one that involves warm weather, good food, and her family.

Sarah's favorite massage modalities are deep tissue, prenatal, and injury treatment.

Sarah's philosophy of healing is: "Specific to physical injury/healing, when acute/or chronic stressors are reduced or removed and tissue is given appropriate space & support, healing can occur. This is central to my goal of helping others live well and is a main reason I love being a massage therapist."

Before she found massage therapy, Sarah was a professional mariner/cook, an organic seed office jill-of-all-trades, and a travel enthusiast.

Susy | Licensed Massage Therapist

Susy graduated from Aurora University with a with a BA in English/Writing & Language and a BA in Elementary Education (Language Arts Endorsement) and Cortiva Institute in Chicago; she's certified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Reiki 1.

She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and resided in Naperville, Geneva, Crystal Lake, and currently lives in St. Charles. She has traveled all over the U.S., Paris, France, Canada, Mexico- Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Xcaret, Mexico City, and Tulum. Her dream vacation includes morning yoga by the seaside, ocean strolls, and daily massage along the Mexican Riviera.

Susy's favorite massage modalities are Reflexology, Swedish, Myofascial Release, head, neck, face, and energy work.

Susy's philosophy of healing is that we all have the capacity to heal; we all need healing.

Before she found massage therapy, Susy was a receptionist/administrative assistant, a website designer/editor, fitness instructor, foreign language teacher (Spanish) and a pianist since childhood. She also currently teaches piano lessons.

Tanya | Licensed Massage Therapist

Tanya graduated at the top of her class from Cortiva Institute!

She has lived in several different states and traveled all over the US!

If she had to choose a dream vacation, it would be on a beach with free massages.

Her specialty is problem focused clinical massage and neck work.

Tanya's philosophy on healing: The body wants to heal itself, the first step in that process is listening to what our bodies are saying to us.


Zack | Licensed Massage Therapist

Zack was certified at Elgin Community College as a massage therapist. He is currently going to school to become a personal trainer.

He has lived his entire life in the South Elgin area. He has traveled quite a bit in the United States. He frequently goes to North Carolina. He has also traveled to Cozumel and Puerto Rico. His dream vacation would be spending a month in Australia with his cousin and dive with Great White Sharks.

Zack's favorite massage modalities are trigger point and myofascial release.

Zack's philosophy on healing is that he believes to be healthy/heal properly, you need a great diet, proper exercise, and regular amounts of body work.

Before Zack found massage therapy he was going to school to become a physical therapist. 


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