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Heart Massage


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Meet Our Edison Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Edison, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Mona  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-3

Education: I graduated from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Woodbridge, NJ.

Places I've Lived: I've lived in India and Australia.

Favorite Massage Modalities: My favorite types of massage are relaxation, Swedish, and deep tissue. 

Philosophy on Healing: Massage can be used to naturally get rid of aches and pains. I believe that healing through the physical touch of "Reiki" is one of the most important things in life. A thorough massage will allow the body to heal itself. 

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: I worked as an office assistant who sat in front of a computer all day long. I enjoy being a massage therapist because I get to meet new people everyday and I get a nice workout through giving massages, best career ever!

Places I've Traveled: I traveled to India many times to meet with family and friends. I also went to Australia a couple of times because it's the most beautiful place to travel. 

Dream Vacation: Even though I have lived in the States for the past 18 years, I have yet to explore this beautiful country to its fullest.

Ryan  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-4 |

Education: I graduated from Somerset School of Massage.

Places I've Lived: I've lived in Florida and New Jersey.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Trigger Point

Philosophy on Healing: Energy from the Universe

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: A healer with my hands

Places I've Traveled: Dominican Republic, Canada

Dream Vacation: travel the world.


Kathy  |  Massage Therapist | Level 2-3+

Education: I have my BA in Psychology and I studied massage at the Massage Training Center of NJ.

Places I've Lived: I've lived in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Florida.

Favorite Massage Modalities: My favorite massage modality is therapeutic and integrative - combining Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial release with hot stones.

Philosophy on Healing: The body has intelligence to heal itself, I am the catalyst in helping my clients achieve wellness.

My Life Before Massage: I was a counselor, and IT recruiter, and a Spa Director.

My Dream Vacation: I would love to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

James  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-3 |

Education: Swedish Institute

Places I’ve Lived: Staten Island NY

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Shiatsu.

Philosophy on Healing: To heal aches and pains that are caused by stress. With the use of massage we can eliminate stress by being one with ourselves

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: James wanted to be a vocalist in a band.

Places I’ve Traveled: North East (toured with a band), and Canada.

Dream Vacation: A cruise to Italy!!


Sharon  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-3 |

Education: Swedish Institute of Massage in NYC

Places I've Lived: Only in New Jersey

Favorite Massge Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre and Post-Natal massage and Hot Stone.

Philosophy on Healing: To see the person as “whole”, not just the body.

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: I was in Advertising.

Places I've Traveled: Florida, California, and Mexico.

Dream Vacation: Would love to see America!!


Luis  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-3 |

Education: Sanford Brown Institute

Places I've Lived: Colorado and Oklahoma

Favorite Massage Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Hot Stone.

Philosophy on Healing: My philosophy is to focus on the clients problem areas and to relieve pain, stress, and tension.

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: Luis was in the U.S Army

Places I've Traveled: Bahamas, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Kuwait

Dream Vacation: The Fiji Islands



Sandra  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 3-4 |

Education: I have 22 years of massage experience. I have done geriatric work at Roosevelt Care for 7 years. At Roosevelt Care I also established two comfort zones that consisted of massage therapy, aromatherapy, and reiki. 

Places I've Lived: I have lived in Edison, NJ for my entire life. I occasionally volunteer at the Veteran's home here. I am also thinking about helping children with disabilities by massage therapy. I fundraise for autism often, and will be participating in the Eating Autism Services fundraiser in Edison July 22nd this year! 

Favorite Massage Modalities: I like all massage modalities and that is why I incorporate them all. I like to give each client a sample of each type of modality in one session. 

Philosophy on Healing: My philosophy is to focus on what the client has a problem with first and then administer a full refreshing massage.

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: I believe in only living one life so that I can live it to its fullest. Making other people feel good makes me feel even better!

Places I’ve Traveled: New York, Connecticut, Boston, Pennsylvania, Florida and Hawaii. My favorite was Hawaii because it is hot, tropical, and has beautiful sights. 

Dream Vacation: I'd love to be able to take a cruise to all the countries, go to Israel, and also visit an old friend in California. Israel interests me because of all the historical aspects it has there.

Jenifer  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 2-4 |

Education: I attended the Anthem Institute.

Places I've Lived: I was born in New Jersey, but I have also lived in Dominican Republic for  three years. I am also very fortunate to be able to visit DR whenever I can!

Favorite Massage Modalities: I just love all modalities of massage especially Swedish. It's hard to choose when I am always learning new and more exciting modalities. I think it is important to help each client to find their favorite modality, too! 

Philosophy on Healing: I strongly believe that the power of touch can soothe the mind, body and soul.

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: I was a student. 

Places I've Traveled: I've been to the Dominican Republic & Florida.

Dream Vacation: I'd love to go to Bora Bora one day because it is just so beautiful there!



Shelese  |  Massage Therapist | Levels 3-4+ |

Education: Warren County Community College

Places I've Lived: New Jersey

Favorite Massage Modalities: Swedish massage with Deep Tissue.

Philosophy on Healing: Calming the body eases the spirit which levels and becomes contagious

Before Becoming a Massage Therapist: Shelese was involved in the Performing Arts

Places I've Traveled: Japan & Canada

Dream Vacation: Brazil



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