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Meet Our Boca Raton Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Boca Raton, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Alexandra | LMT

Education: Nova Southeastern University, Bachelors in Science; Sheridan Technical College, Massage Therapy. 

Places Lived: Miami, FL and Kenmore, WA

Places Traveled: New York, Washington DC, Colorado, California, Arizona, Oregon, Vancouver and...

Bri | LMT

Education:  American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty

Places Lived:  Ohio, Florida

Places Traveled: North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Las Vegas, Arizona, Michigan, and all over Florida

My Dream Vacation: My ultimate...

Cheslye | LMT

Education: Florida College of Natural Health 

Places Lived: Florida

Places Traveled: Canada, Bahamas, and St.Thomas.

My Dream Vacation: Italy

Favorite Massage Modalities: Reflexology, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue.

Philosophy on...

Cindy | LMT

Education: Florida International University and Florida School of Massage Therapy

Places Lived: Florida

Places Traveled: England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Eastern/Western  Caribbean,...

Claudia | LMT

Education: Florida College of Natural Health 

Places Lived: Rio de Janeiro & Florida

Places Traveled: Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hawaii

My Dream Vacation: I have been everywhere I want to go. I am always dreaming of new places...

Faye | LMT

Education: Boca Beauty Academy - Massage Therapy

Places Lived: Kaifeng, China

Places Traveled: China, New Jersey, New York

My Dream Vacation: Travel the World

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Prenatal,...

Frank | LMT

Education: Boca Beauty Academy

                 -Lisa Trofa

Places Lived: FL, TN, NY

Places Traveled: Most of U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Maui

My Dream Vacation: Travel through Hawaiian Islands

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue...

Joe | LMT

Education: Florida College of Natural Health

Places Lived: Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama

Places Traveled: California, Colorado, Georgia

My Dream Vacation: Italy

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep tissue,...

John | LMT

Joined Elements Team: March 2015

Education: Palm Beach State College (Boca Raton) 

Places lived: Philippines, Cedu & Florida 

Places Traveled: North Carolina, Colorado, Philippines, Washington, New York, California, Maine, Puerto Rico, Mexico

My Dream Vacation: To visit the...

Kar | LMT

Education: Center for Massage & Natural Health, Asheville, NC.  

                 University of Florida, B.A. Education

                 University of Memphis, Degree in Speech Pathology

Places Lived: Fort Lauderdale, Boston, North Carolina,...

Karen | LMT

Education: Keiser University

Places Lived: Florida

Places Traveled: Jamaica

My Dream Vacation: To visit Paris.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Therapeutic deep tissue

Philosophy on Healing: "Balancing the Muscles"

In my other life...

Lian | LMT

Education: Licensed Massage Therapist, NSCA personal fitness trainer, corrective exercise specialist, & nutrition counselor

Places Lived: South Africa, England, Scotland, Israel, and Florida 

Places Traveled: Most of Europe, Yugoslavia, Israel,...

Marco | LMT

Education: Physical Therapy - Germany, Lymphatic Drainage - Germany, Massage Therapy - American Institute 

Places Lived: Germany and Florida

Places Traveled: All of Europe, Bahamas, and United States

My Dream Vacation: Scotland and New...

Rose | LMT

Education: Palm Beach State College and The Boca Beauty Academy

Places Lived: Brazil

Places Traveled: Canada, Italy, and France

My Dream Vacation:To visit Holy land, Jerusalem.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Swedish, Prenatal, Reflexology,...

Susan | LMT

Education: B.S. in Marketing, Univ. of MD; LMT Reiki Master since 1994; Certified in Plant Based Nutrition; Board Certified Holistic Health Coach; Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist; Iridologist

Places Lived: PA, GA, FL

Places Traveled:...

Vivian | LMT

Education: Beijing, China- Acupressure Therapy

                 Germany- Bach Flower Remedy

                 Madrid, Spain- Herbal Medicine

                 Germany- Vibrational Medicine & Healing

                 Florida Community...

Steve | LMT

Education: Palm Beach Academy, Bryant Stratten, Miami-Dade college

Places Lived: NYC, Denver, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, South Florida

Places Traveled: Europe and Canada

My Dream Vacation: Northern California


Miguel | LMT

Education:  Acupressure - Acupuncture Institute - Massage - Southwestern College

Places Lived: California, Florida

Places Traveled: Throughout America, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Australia

My Dream Vacation: Going Anywhere with my...

Debra | LMT

Education: Florida Atlantic University, Boca Beauty Academy, and Palm Beach Community College

Places Lived: I'm a Florida Girl

Places Traveled: (All over USA) Holland, England, France, Germany, Italy, Alaska, Dominican Republic, Mexico,...

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Our studio is located in Boca Raton. Our clients travel to us from Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach,and surrounding areas throughout Palm Beach/Broward County.

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