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Meet Our Bellevue Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Bellevue, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Wendy G.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: San Francisco School of Massage, Suncoast School of Tampa

Specialities and additional training: Prenatal, reflexology, relaxation and balance for the body, mind and spirit

Favorite massage modalities: Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology, Sports Massage and Stretching

Philsophy of healing:

It’s a gift of energy that allows a soul body to experience on the deepest level renewal of well-being and that special glow.

Exceptional results Wendy has seen with massage:

"Some clients have said their vision has become brighter and their body feel lighter. I have had success with headaches and also helping heal sadness."

Tricia G.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Federal Way, Extended program degree.

Specialities and additional training: Swedish, deep tissue, tender and trigger point therapy, auto and other injuries

Favorite massage modalities: Deep tissue, chair massage

Philsophy of healing:

I believe massage is a respectable partnership between client and therapist.  My goal is to work with the body not on it.  I listen with my hands a follow where your body leads.  I don't see myself as a healer, but rather a helper in your own healing process.  Let me help you!

Exceptional results Tricia has seen with massage:

"I had a client who had migraine headaches at 7pm every night.  She had tried everything from acupuncture to even changing her diet, nothing helped.  Her doctor recommended massage therapy so she came to see me.  After doing the proper assessments I started my massage. She had a lot of tender and trigger points in her trapezius and in her neck. After working on her twice a week for 3 weeks her repeat migraines went away. She left felling like her whole life could start again."

Nick C.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute - Seattle School of Massage Therapy

Favorite massage modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, use of hydrotherapy

Philsophy of healing:

Everyone can benefit from massage. It’s like magic. Since physical touch is one of the most essential needs of our human experience, massage helps move the whole person towards wellness, inside and out. Not only can massage directly soften tense muscles and alleviate specific pains, it also contributes to overall better functioning of the body by promoting circulation and balancing brain chemistry. No matter what is going on for you, massage can help you to know deep down that everything is going to be alright.

Exceptional results Nick has seen with massage:

"We carry emotional turmoil in our muscles, sometimes even after our life struggles are resolved. One of my clients had held so much tension in her neck and shoulders for so long that those muscles literally felt like bones. She had constant stiffness, soreness, and limited range of motion. But with extended weekly sessions using hydrotherapy over the course of a few months, her neck and shoulders softened significantly, her emotional states improved, and she simply felt better overall. How rewarding for me to be part of that!"

Denell O.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute - Seattle School of Massage Therapy; Extended professional massage therapy diploma

Specialities and additional training: auto injuries; TMJ disorder; false sciatica

Favorite massage modalities: Deep tissue, Swedish massage, Myofascial, Neuromuscular

Philsophy of healing:

I strive to create an experience that is relaxing and therapeutic at the same time.  I treat each person as an individual, listen to their goals and expectations, and create a session to fit each client.  I rely on intuition as much as specific therapeutic techniques to address the body's needs.

Exceptional results Denell has seen with massage:

"I had a client who had injury to their neck and back.  I found multiple trigger points between their shoulders and found they were having referred pain down their arm.  I used deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, and hydrotherapy.  The treatments were frequent at first, however after a few weeks we were able to decrease the number of treatments to once a month.  To help relieve the client from their discomfort was very rewarding."

Mathew B.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Bastyr University, Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts, College at Purna Yoga

Favorite massage modalities: Acupressure!

Philsophy of healing:

The body heals itself.  Given the proper nurturing environment the body has the opportunity to return to an optimal state of function.

Exceptional results Mathew has seen with massage:

"I've seen some exceptional results when it comes to bodywork.  I've seen clients go from having an extreme amount of pain to being completely pain free.  I've also experienced a plethora of people who have their stress just melt off of them.  When you have the opportunity to experience true healing, it is truly a miracle of life."

Danielle M.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Massage, 2010

Specialities and additional training: chronic pain relief

Favorite massage modalities: Deep tissue, use of hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, trigger point, connective tissue

Philsophy of healing:

Massage is my passion.  Long before I was an LMP I had been receiving regular massage to help manage chronic pain & tension due to scoliosis.  After experiencing the benefits of regular massage for years, I decided to share the gift of massage with others.

Exceptional results Danielle has seen with massage:

"I had a client that had been experiencing arm pain and periodic numbness in their left arm for over 15 years.  After palpation of their arm, shoulder, chest, and neck I discovered that there were many muscular adhesions that were causing the discomfort.  I used deep tissue, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, facilitated stretching and constant communication for 90 minute weekly sessions, for eight weeks.  Their shoulder mobility increased and the pain and numbness decreased dramatically.  For me this was extremely rewarding, as I had truly helped them find lasting relief."

Aaron H.  |  Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Massage

Specialities and additional training: Hot Stone

Favorite massage modalities: Swedish massage and Deep Tissue

Philsophy of healing:

The body is a master computer, always alerting itself to its needs.  Massage is the oil that keeps it running effectivey.

Exceptional results Aaron has seen with massage:

"Improved body posture, better sleep and work habits, increased desire for fitness and a healthier lifestyle."