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Meet Our Bellevue Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Bellevue, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Kat S | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Oregon School of Massage

Philosophy of healing:

Helping people press pause in their life to have some me - time and to unplug reset and restart. Providing a healing touch for the body, mind, and spirit

Exceptional results Kat has seen with massage:

“I had a client who complained of tension headaches and had to take medication to manage it. After a few sessions with me, her tension headaches became less frequent and rarely needs to take medications"

Leah V | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Boulder School of Massage Therapy

Philosophy of healing:

I believe that taking good care of yourself helps you live life to the fullest. There are many ways to do that and I believe that massage is one of them. Find the miracles that work for you.

Exceptional results Leah has seen with massage:

“I have worked on a multitude of sports injuries including world class athletes that through regular massage have been brought back to the competitive stage. It also brings me joy when my clients suffering from chronic headaches say that they get them much less frequent and are even completely relieved from them after a few sessions.”

Kellie F | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Massage, Seattle

Philosophy of healing:

Listen to your body - stay hydrated, eat, be active, rest well and always receive plenty of massage. Massage should be part of one's regular healthcare routine.

Exceptional results Kellie has seen with massage:

"A client had bad posture, I used structural body work and was able to see a change within one session and a significant change after a few sessions. It is amazing to see and feel the changes within clients body with just a few sessions."

Aaron H. | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Massage

Philsophy of healing:

The body is a master computer, always alerting itself to its needs.  Massage is the oil that keeps it running effectivey.

Exceptional results Aaron has seen with massage:

"Improved body posture, better sleep and work habits, increased desire for fitness and a healthier lifestyle."

Molly | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Brenneke School of Massage, Whole Life Viniyoga Teacher Training

Philosophy of healing:

I combine a variety of techniques to create a space where your body’s innate healing capacity can activate. We work together with your body, breathe and awareness to release areas of restriction and allow deep relaxation.

Exceptional results Molly has seen with massage:

“I had a client suffered from chronic daily tension in upper body and neck leading to difficulty working at computer and weekly headaches. She felt relief during our first session. After several weekly massages - and plenty of daily stretching - her pain was almost completely gone. She now enjoys monthly health maintenance massage”

Tricia G. | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Federal Way, Extended program degree.

Philsophy of healing:

I believe massage is a respectable partnership between client and therapist.  My goal is to work with the body not on it.  I listen with my hands and follow where your body leads.  I don't see myself as a healer, but rather a helper in your own healing process.  Let me help you!

Exceptional results Tricia has seen with massage:

"I had a client who had migraine headaches at 7pm every night.  She had tried everything from acupuncture to even changing her diet, nothing helped.  Her doctor recommended massage therapy so she came to see me.  After doing the proper assessments I started my massage. She had a lot of tender and trigger points in her trapezius and in her neck. After working on her twice a week for 3 weeks her repeat migraines went away. She left feeling like her whole life could start again."

Brittany H | Licensed Massage Practitioner

Education: Cortiva Institute of Massage; Seattle

Philosophy of healing:

I believe in the connection between mind and body. If you take care of your body, it will reflect in your mind. Healthy movement and taking time for self care are the fundamentals for a healthy life.

Exceptional results Brittany has seen with massage:

"I had a client with severe lower back pain and hip pain that limited her range of motion. I saw her for 6 sessions and we were able to almost completely alleviate her pain and get her range of motion back to normal"


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