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Elements MassageAlbuquerque
SE Corner of Paseo and Wyoming
8000 Paseo Del Norte NE, Suite B3
Albuquerque, NM   87122
p. (505) 856-3556
f. (505) 797-8330

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Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Meet Our Albuquerque Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Albuquerque, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Our Therapists  |  LMTs

Gary Dowell

Kay Juno

Yoshi Nozaki

Lisa Rivera

Janis Salazar

Maria Willis

Vonna Witten


Gary Dowell  |  LMT #7395

Helping people increase their range of motion and improve their quality of life is Gary's main focus.  His hours spent volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House have provided him with an insight of the positive effects of massage on individuals who are challenged with the potential of losing a child and require accomodations.  He provides compassion, through healing touch.

Kay Juno  |  LMT #7690

By focusing on stress relief and relaxation, Kay is able to accomplish homeostasis by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.  Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation and is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Yoshi Nozaki  |  LMT #6510

Originally born and trained in Japan, Yoshi believes in helping individuals achieve homeostasis by combining Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Ammo.  This modality is known as Asian Fusion.  As a licensed instructor in this modality, he has incorporated Meditative, Meridian, Swedish, Pressure Points, Stroke, Compression, Kneading and Tapotement.   Many years of experience have allowed Yoshi to perfect his massage techniques, therefore ensuring that his clients receive consistent and excellent results

Lisa Rivera  |  LMT #7536

Believing that healing starts with touch,  Lisa focuses on a holistic approach that seeks to achieve balance through the flow of energy. Her favorite massage modalities include Swedish, polarity, shiatsu, reflexology and pregnancy. 

Janis Salazar  |  LMT #6370

The art of healing touch is what inspired Janis to pursue massage.  Using a combination of Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Swedish and Thai Massage is how she is able to provide her clients with the best and most therapeutic experience.

Maria Willis  |  LMT #7132

Assisting and helping individuals with their pain and educating them about options to minimize pain are Maria’s main goals with her clients.  Her desire to become a massage therapist stems from an auto accident that left her searching for options to reduce her pain and to seek relief.  Her mission is to make certain that others do not have to suffer as she did.