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Meet Our Mechanicsburg Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Mechanicsburg, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Understanding Our Level System  |  Level 1-4

As Elements was founded by a massage therapist, it was created to honor and connect great clients with great therapists!  We provide a serene and gender friendly environment that is inviting to all ages (seven days a week).

Our therapists are categorized in 4 levels and this is consistent nationwide.  Through these levels our clients will be better able to describe the type and pressure of massage they are seeking. 

Level 1:  gives a light pressure relaxing massage/Swedish massage

Level 2:  gives a medium pressure massage with no specific trigger point work 

        2+   :  can go deep with some trigger point work

Level 3:  gives a medium to deep pressure massage with trigger point work 

        3+   :  can go super deep with trigger point work

Level 4:  super deep massage with trigger point

Christiana Longey  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Christi attended school at the Baltimore School of Massage, York campus.  She has lived in a variety of places in Pennsylvania, such as Lewisberry, Harrisburg, and Shiremanstown.  Christi has also traveled around to places like Rebel Ridge, California, Azalea Oregon, and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  Before becoming a therapist, Christi was a cashier, waitress, a caretaker of 160 acres of national forest, and a supervisor at Ivy Acres, a supplier of Home Depot that specializes in tropical, annual, and perennial plants. “Healing occurs when one realizes there is an imbalance and must work to fix mind, body, and soul. By accepting a physical issue healing is able to occur.”

Christi’s favorite modalities are Trigger Point therapy and Swedish massage.

Kelly Sanders  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Kelly went school for massage at the New York Institute of Massage Therapy in Buffalo, NY.  Later she found herself in Central PA and pursued PA licensure for Massage by attending the McCann School of Business and Technology for Massage Therapy. Kelly believes the body has a natural way of healing itself.  Using holistic approaches such as massage therapy, she believes it to be a healing experience for the entire body, mind and spirit realm.

Kelly has lived a variety of places including Auburn and Buffalo in New York and Hershey and Middletown in Pennsylvania.  Traveling is a passion for Kelly and she has had the opportunity to travel to such destinations as England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Holland, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, and much of the beautiful United States.  Her dream vacation is coming true as she and her husband prepare to attend the World Cup in Brazil in June of 2014!  She would also love to see Greece and Italy soon.

Kelly enjoys the therapeutic measures of simple relaxation, so Swedish for her is both beneficial and healing.  She also enjoys Lomi Lomi and hopes to pursue certification in prenatal massage.

JoAnna Yorks  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2+

JoAnna graduated from Gordon College on 2011 with a BA is Linguistics and French.  She then attended Harrisburg Area Community College for Massage and graduated in 2013.  JoAnna is from Central Pennsylvania.  She spent 5 years in Boston on the Northshore, and has spent time in France.  JoAnna has traveled to Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Spain, England, Scotland, Canada, and large portion of the U.S.  Her dream vacation would consist of returning to the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  “It is the most beautiful and most magical place I have ever been.”  JoAnna would like to return and spend more time exploring the isle and meeting new people. 

JoAnna’s favorite modalities are Swedish and Medical Massage and she is anxious to become certified in Pre-Natal massage. Her philosophy on healing is that it is easier to prevent illness rather than treat.  It is worth every minute to take care of your body rather than let problems multiply.

Before becoming a massage therapist JoAnna was living the busy life outside of Boston.  She had recently graduated college and wanted to find a career where she was better able to improve the quality of life for others.  What better job than massage therapy, where in only an hour you can help reduce stress and tension for another person.

Nicole Krabill  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Nicole studied massage therapy at Harrisburg Area Community College.  She grew up in Junita County but recently moved to Mechanicsburg and is loving the area!  Nicole has not traveled oversea except for a recent mission trip to Haiti.  She plans to travel more in the future.  She enjoys anyplace that is beautiful and peaceful for a vacation.

Nicole works specifically on Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology.  She continues to study new techniques for specific client issues.  Nicole believes every human being needs and deserves the healing touch of massage therapy.  Many studies have been done to prove the benefits of massage in all areas of a person’s life.

Before finding massage therapy, Nicole worked as a nurse’s aid for several years.  This gave her an inside view of the healthcare system.  Seeing the hectic and stressful environment made her see how important massage was for those seeking healing.  You can’t overdose on massage!

Tina Newhouse  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Tina is a graduate of Baltimore School of Massage, and was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She has also lived in Virginia, and now Pennsylvania. Tina has traveled to North Carolina, Georgia, and Delaware, but would love to take a trip to the beaches of Hawaii.

Her favorite modalities include Swedish, Hot Stone, and Reflexology. Her philosophy on healing is that relaxation and peace will aid in the bodies healing.

Before Tina became a massage therapist she was a new home sales associate.

Rhiannon White  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Rhiannon lives in Middletown and continued her education at Dauphin County Technical School where she studied Advertising Art and Design. She then completed her Massage Therapy Certification at Harrisburg Area Community College. She likes to take day trips to New York City with friends, and has also visited Delaware, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Colorado. Her dream vacation would be a camping trip to California to visit the redwoods, and rainforest.

Rhiannons’ favorite modalities are Swedish and Hot Stone. She belives that healing is a three part system where we have to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits healthy and balance. Before she found Massage, Rhiannon was a starving artist.

Carla Green  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2

Carla first studied massage at Mt. Nittany Institute for Natural Health. She then continued her education by studying with Elaine Stillerman, LMT, to become specialized in Maternity Massage (prenatal, postpartum, and labor support). She also trained with the International Association of Infant Massage to become an Infant Massage Instructor. Before Carla was a massage therapist she earned her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She designed, made, and sold jewelry as well as teaching local arts classes.

She has lived in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. She would like to travel along the East Coast, to Paris, London, and throughout Italy. Her dream vacation would be a visit to Peru to explore the ancient ruins and learn more about their rich culture. 

Carla loves to incorporate different modalities in her massage, whether that be Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Deep Tissue, or Shiatsu. Her theory on healing is that if you allow the body and mind to relax, we create a space in which healing can take place. Our body will tell us what it needs; we simply need to listen.

Becky Fultz  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 2+

Becky is a graduate of Lewistown Area High School and continued her education at Keystone Technical Institute where she received an Associate's Degree. Becky has lived in Lewistown PA, and now currently lives in Landisburg PA with her kids, and has traveled to Ocean City MD, and Delaware. Her dream vacation would be to visit Ireland and Tahiti.

Becky's favorite modalities are Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy. She believes that healing comes from within. If you truly believe and have a strong will, then you will get better, and a little massage also helps.

Before Becky found Massage Therapy she was a stay at home mother that worked in Nursing homes, and cared for the elderly as a certified nursing assistant.

Megan Markle  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 3

Megan is a graduate of Gettysburg High School and has continued her education through Gettysburg College and the Pennsylvania Myotherapy Institute in Abbottstown, PA.  She received her National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and her Pennsylvania state license shortly after graduating from PMI.  Prior to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, Megan worked as a Field Researcher at Penn State University Entomology Department, and as a Massage Therapist in a Chiropractic setting.

Megan has traveled to many states including Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan.  She hopes to one day travel to Australia, Japan, and throughout Europe.

Megan's favorite massage modalities are swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue and hot stone massage.  Her vision as a Massage Therapist is to help clients decrease the effects of tension, stress and pain, and increase health and well-being through massage therapy.  She wants to create a healing process and make positive changes so that clients continue to receive the benefits of a massage.

Lori Zipay  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 3

Lori is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated YTI Career Institute in November of 2010. Before that Lori spent 14 years in telecommunications services. She went into massage to be able to help people relax and feel a little more human.

Lori has traveled to Canada, Bahamas, and Texas. Her dream is to travel for a few weeks up and down the west coast. Lori has lived in Western and Central PA.

Her favorite modalities are Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and incorporating stretching into her massages. Her philosophy on healing is to listen to what your body is telling you.

Zach Schlotthauer  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 4

Zach is a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He graduated from the Pensacola School of Massage in June 2008.

Zach has traveled along the East Coast of the United States, and has ventured out to Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. Someday, Zach hopes to travel to Ireland to tour the architecture of the castles and churches.

Zach's favorite massage modalities are Sports Massage, Neuromuscular, and Trigger Point. He is very interested in learning more about Craniosacral and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Zach chose a career in Massage Therapy because he loves to help people and enjoys seeing the outcome of his hard work after the massage is complete. He is comfortable working with all clients, with a long term goal to work solely with geriatrics in a local Hospice or nursing home. He feels geriatric clients will not only feel great from the benefits of massage but also need the nurturing touch provided by a Massage Therapist.

Nhan Diep  |  Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 4

Nhan is a Licensed Massage Therapist. He graduated from Carlisle High School and YTI Career Institute.  Prior to being a Massage Therapist, Nhan was in the United States Marine Corps, deployed twice to Iraq. Nhan hopes to be able to travel back to his home of Vietnam so that he may discover his roots.

Nhan's favorite modalities are Therapeutic Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point massages. Nhan believes that prevention is the best treatment for the healing process.

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